Your Liqui Moly Advantage app

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MY Liqui Moly Advantage app

Engine & Movement Lovers Choose the Best Products from the Palm of Your Hand and Receive Customized Rewards for Your Loyalty

Core Features


Earn points with Liqui Moly products, our way to say thank you


Our full range just a click or scan away


Quickly find the correct Liqui Moly lubricants best suited for your engine


Save your vehicles and always know what are the best products to use


Keep track of products you wish to purchase with your next visit to your local Goldwagen store


Be the first to know about exciting tips, relevant updates and promotions

Some of the Exciting Rewards

Possible Rewards
Possible Rewards

What should I Register as


Love your wheels and ONLY use the best? Purchase our products from different Retail outlets for your personal use? This will be Your registration Option. Every Liqui Moly Product you purchase from an Advantage associated Partner will earn you Reward Points that you can redeem for special Gifts, while having access to all the unique tools.


Have your own Vehicle, Motorcycle, Bicycle or Marine workshop? Making sure you support your clients with only the Best guidance and Products? This will be Your Registration option. Now you can earn points to redeem for all those bottom line expenses or tools that can improve your productivity and overall image.


The Key element in a sales environment. You are either behind a sales counter in a store or on the road visiting clients. You are selling Liqui Moly Products to all workshops, Enthusiasts, Fleet owners, Transport companies. You would Register here. Points will be accumulated and levels achieved with numerous rewards to choose from, once a level has been reached.

What should I register as

Important Notice – Any Liqui Moly purchase at an Advantage Associated Partner needs to be linked to your email and Cell phone number used to register on the App to enable correct Reward Point allocation to your Profile.


"I believe the incentive program has been a great innovative idea implemented by LM for all GW branches... It encouraged us as salesmen to go a little extra mile for the brand itself knowing that there's also an extra reward in the end... Through the LM incentive Program, I got to have my first ever Europe experience! 

  The experience was phenomenal and very eye opening to the different cultures of Europe... It was really a once in a lifetime opportunity that cannot be easily forgotten in one's life. Truly, your results creates passion"

Goldwagen SALES - Thoyondou

"First of all, what is a challenge without a reward? And what is a reward without having been challenged?

  Liqui Moly’s incentive plan of 2018 was definitely made to be worthwhile, and as one could just imagine “hard work pays off” and that is exactly how the incentive plan paid dividends for sales promoting the Liqui Moly products, brand and concept, needless to say after some good old ‘elbow grease.’
  I personally found it to be a knowledgeable way to learn more about the products and in turn to also build a rapport with old, new and existing customers."

Karl Dias Ferreira
Goldwagen SALES - Nelspruit

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